Kiteboarding Information for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This website is designed to be a Kiteboarding (aka Kitesurfing) resource for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Here you can find information on Lessons, Equipment, Launches, Spots, Beaches, Regulations, Forecasts and more.

Kiteboarding Myrtle Beach will help answer all your questions regarding Kiteboarding in the area. Click Here to find out information on what Kiteboarding is? CLICK HERE FOR CLOSEOUT KITEBOARDING EQUIPMENT. Do you Windsurf, Surf, Sail, Snowboard, Ski or Wakeboard? Click HERE. Not sure where to ride in Myrtle Beach? Or what wind conditions are rideable in a certain Kiteboarding spot? Or where to find a Kite School to take Kiteboarding Lessons? This is the number one stop for answers to any questions you might have.  Looking for Kites, Kiteboards,Trainer Kites, Landboards, Stunt Kites? Click HERE!

Ron Jon Kiteboarding has been offering Certified Instruction and Equipment to the Cocoa Beach, FL area for over 3 years. Lessons will soon be available in Myrtle Beach as well! For more information check out their site.

You should always talk to a local Kitesurfer who knows the area and can evaluate the conditions before going out. This website is no substitute for experience. It is meant as supplement to Lessons, Local Advice, Respect and Common Sense. Ride Safely and have Fun!